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Mejakhansk announces dissolution of Nemkhav Federation


In a post on the MicroWiki Forum, Acting President of Nemkhavia, Marka Mejakhansk, has announced that the Nemkhav Federation is to be dissolved “in the coming future”.

He also indicated that Nemkhavia is likely to be incorporated into the Federal Republic of Francisville, subject to a referendum on the matter.

President Mejakhansk told the A1 News Service that the dissolution had come now that the Federation had “run its course”.

“First and foremost, the Federation was designed as a place of learning – to develop and hone political structures and skills”, he said.

“With the departure of Eragia and Lewisham, it has returned to its previous status quo”.

He also said that he was “cautiously optimistic” about the proposal to incorporate Nemkhavia into Francisville, which will be subject to a micronation-wide referendum.

The President also indicated that he wanted to continue to project Nemkhavia’s image as a benevolent entity.

“I feel that this image of helpfulness and quiet comradeship will sustain even after the dissolution takes place”.

Nemkhavia has gone through a number of incarnations in the past, including a republic in the Federated Republics of A1, an overseas territory of Egtavia and a socialist union with Pristinia.


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  1. dancarblog says:

    What happened to Lewisham and Eragia?


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