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MicroWiki shut down during d’Égtavie’s “awful” vodka experience


MicroWiki owner and administrator, Pierre d’Égtavie, has allayed the concerns of users after the apparent shutting down of the popular site.

The incident occurred when the webmaster had experimented with drinking vodka and had replaced the homepage of MicroWiki with a countdown timer.

He told members of the ‘MicroPolitan’ Skype chatroom during this period that he was shutting the site down.

d’Égtavie told the A1NS that he was returning to his earlier policy of abstaining from drinking any alcohol at all.

While he conceded that it was not acceptable behaviour for an administrator and webmaster, he stated that no lasting damage had been done.

“We are all humans and we all do stupid stuff from time to time”.

But some users of MicroWiki were not amused by the situation.

Kaushik Legata said that he did not consider it acceptable behaviour.

“You can have alcohol but don’t try to get on the Internet and make decisions for a site drunk”, he said.

However, other users, such as Lord Nihilus of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate, said that people had overreacted to the event.

“He’s an individual, it’s up to him what he does, to attempt to prevent him from drinking is a massive overreaction”.

Rumours of the site’s sale by its current owner have been circulating over the past few weeks, but d’Égtavie recently dismissed this as “an if, not a when” situation.

He also reported the vodka as tasting “awful”.

“It tasted like hand sanitiser – I don’t know why I bothered drinking it”.

A number of mirrors and backup systems have now been put in place to prevent a recurrence of the incident.


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About the author

Gordon Freeman is the current editor of the A1NS, former MicroWiki administrator and founder of the FRA1 Media Group.


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