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CCPS outlines new ideas for a greater Sandus


Sandus has concluded its Communist Party Congress with promises for new ideas to improve the micronation.

Sôgmô Will Sörgel seemed in good spirits when he addressed journalists immediately prior to the Congress, seemingly putting recent controversy involving Wyvern behind him.

Among discussion in the Congress was a new self-defense policy (or “Libera”) which stresses sovereignty and independence.

“It will see that incidents like those with Kozuc and Zealandia will not happen again”, according to the Sôgmô.

Another important project discussed was the new ‘Sandum Value’, an effort to educate for the reduction of  suffering such as desire, hatred, fear, ignorance, famine and war.

The Sôgmô also announced a new citizenship system for Sandus which includes full citizens (civilae), partial citizens (socilivae) and Auxiliary citizens (peregrae).

Full citizenship is reserved for Sandus natives which includes those born in Sandus and married to full citizens. Partial citizenship comes with decreased rights and is mainly reserved for foreign countries who are recognized by Sandus. Auxiliary citizens are essentially criminals and news citizens, auxiliary citizens hold only basic rights.

The Sôgmô described the reasons for the citizenship systems to an A1NS reporter;

“Our citizenship system is based on the Sandum philosophy. Individuals who agree with our philosophy the most and which to be wholly Sandum can become civilae. Individuals who are members of foreign countries, such as Renasia or Austenasia, but also share our philosophy can become Socilivae citizens. Peregro is simply a “trial” period often relatable to residency in a foreign country becoming a citizen of that country.”

Other issues and projects that the Party discussed in the Congress include culture, citizenship and bureaucratic oaths.



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Leon Simpson, culture columnist and infrequent writer for the A1NS. Foreign Minister in the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager, student and youth politician.



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