Aerial View of: Micronational Currency


Currency is important to developing an individual micronation’s culture. Many micronations have their own currency. In this week’s edition of Aerial View, I’ll be taking a look at various micronational currencies.

St.Charlian Pianeta

The St.Charlian Pianeta is used in the Federal Republic of St.Charlie and the wider St.Charlian Commonwealth. The currency was created after the demise of the Kingdom and subsequent formation of the Republic. The Pianeta is pegged to 0.50 Euros and has notes from 1  to 100 Pianeta. All of the banknotes and coins were designed by St.Charlian Prime Minister, Alexander Reinhardt.

The first Pianeta banknote ever created.


The 5 Pianeta banknote from the 2010 Series.

 Siroccan Simoleon

The Simoleon is the currency of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. It is regarded by some to be one of the best designed Micronational currencies. It has coins going from 1ȿ to §2 and banknotes going from §5 to §200. 1 NZD is equal to 62ȿ.

§5 banknote featuring John Key (the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand).


1ȿ (One Siroccan Shilling) featuring a map of Australia and New Zealand.

Ultamian Katane

The Ultamian Katane is the national tender of the Republic of Ultamiya. The Ultimian Katane is pegged to 2 USD. The Taneda is the subunit of the Katane.

The reverse side of the 1 Ultamian Katane coin.


The 500 Ultimian Katane note.

Agnorr Penndollar

The Penndollar is the currency of the Republic of Agnorr. Instead of domestic figures and landmarks, the Penndollar note features famous activists.

The latest series of Penndollar notes.

Senyan Vontar

The design of the Senyan Vontar is simple. Senya is known to be a football-mad nation. Its 5 Vontar note even features Norwich City player Grant Holt after scoring against Newcastle United. The Senyan Vontar is pegged to £0.10.

The 5 Senyan Vontar note featuring Grant Holt.

The 10 Senyan Vontars banknote featuring Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela).

Scientopian Intang

The Scientopian Intang has a unique currency system. It determines salary based on hours worked, IQ and a number of other factors. The Intang uses only coins which range from 1 to 100 Intangs.

The 1 Scientopian Intang coin.


The 100 Scientopian Intang coin.

Juclandian Leu

The Juclandian Leu is well designed and has banknotes ranging from 1 J£ to 100 J£. The Juclandian Leu is pegged to 0.20 Romanian Leu.

The 1 Juclandian Leu banknote.


The 25 Juclandian Leu banknote featuring Tudor Vladimirescu.


Los Bay Petros Ruble

The Ruble is the currency of Los Bay Petros, it has a variety of coins and banknotes ranging from the 1p to the rarely used 50,000 RL note. The Ruble is pegged to 1250 Indonesian Rupiah.

The Obverse side of the 1000 Ruble banknote.


The reverse side of the 50 Ruble banknote featuring the University of Los Bay Petros.


Flandrensis Flandri

The Flandri is the currency of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. It is pegged to 1 Euro.

The selection of Flandri banknotes.

Aerial View of: Micronational Currency  

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    Actually, NZ$1 is equal to 62ȿ, not §1.25.


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