Nominations extended as elections postponed


The period for nominations for the May 2012 Federal Election has been postponed due to the absence of citizens of the Republic of Cooriengah, including former Prime Minister and Premier of Cooriengah, Sam Ypres.

Nominations were to have closed on the 30th April, but this period was extended by First Secretary, James Wilary.

The outcome of the elections hinges on the support of the Liberal Party, which is contesting its first election.

Its single seat in the Chamber of Electorates gives it the balance of power in Parliament.

Many are expecting them to form at least a temporary coalition with the Cirrus Party, which would put them into government.

The Cirrus Party declined to comment on this matter.

It has not yet been announced by the Ministry for Finance and Interior whether or not the other dates set for the course of the election, such as the opening of voting, will be pushed forward, but an announcement is expected soon.


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