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OAM Council votes in favour of disbandment


Resolution 221 has passed the Council of the Organisation of Active Micronations, paving the way for the disestablishment of the largest micronational organisation in history.

The Council voted in favour of the resolution, which will disestablish the OAM after provisions have been made for its re-incarnation as a sort of micronational ‘forum farm’, whereby various micronations’ online fora will be hosted on one single forum, to aid inter-micronational communication.

However, the organisational structures and the very organisation itself will cease to exist.

The set-up is understood to be very similar to that of the Micras-based Bastion Union, where the idea for the rebirth of the OAM came from.

Sir. Philip Fish, founder of the OAM and proposer of the resolution, said that although it was a hard decision, it was a necessary one.

“I, and now I can say the Council believes, that this course of action is the best way to solve the recent issues surrounding the OAM”.

He admitted that there had been some confusion over the plan, but said that he was confident that the confusion would soon be cleared up.

King Anthony of Zealandia, also the last Secretary-General of the OAM, told members in a private forum message that “this is not the end”.

“It is quite a sad day for this is the end of the road for the OAM, it has lived through some turbulent times and some good times”.



  1. An interesting action, but I suspect wont do much good for micronations.

  2. SkyMarshal Hargis says:

    I have been at odds with almost everything that Phish has done throughout my involvement within this community. Now with that being said i would like to congratulate him on this proposal and its approval from the council.
    -I think this has been along time coming with several member nations leaving,the constant disagreements over philosophies, and lack of purpose. I think that for a organization to thrive you have to have contact in 1st person not over the internet.
    -There has been alot of denial of the failings of the OAM, and now we have seen them come to fold. I guess the denials were trying to buy time to shore up the OAM.
    -Also i think overall in my personal experience that the experience had grown stale because no matter how democratic you wanted to be Phish owned the site and was constantly embedded into the politics and what ever he ran for was almost automatically given that position.
    Like i previously stated, i congratulate you in your realization and stopping the denials. I think you will be better off. Good luck on your next endeavors.

    • James E Wilary says:

      I have had enough of these conspiracy theories to hear them once more after the OAM has come to a close in its present form. Our Minister of Public and Government Services was and still is a hard working and dedicated delegare to the OAM and his positive contributions where therefore reflected in his continued apporval by the members of the organization. If you desired not to have him elected, all you were required to do was gain a greater margine of votes in an election. If one did not, they obviously were not as capable, or qualified, to lead or partake in the administration of the OAM. Additionally, the “denials” you and others have become so fond of promoting are neither base on fact or reason, as not a single person has yet to give me proof to any sort of conspiracy. There also has been no attempt o hold off any part of the organization in order to “shore” it away. Every last hope and effort was given until it was decided that there was no other alternative that would heed a better result. 
      Finally, our reliable Minister’s name is Sir Philip Fish, not “Phish”.

      • SkyMarshal Hargis says:

        no conspiracy you all always kept the word going nothing is wrong with the OAM the OAM will is not going under we promise….couple months later OAM is dead…No biggie its over a bunch of people liked the OAM a bunch of people did not. Like i said good luck

  3. Mark Williams II says:

    Truthfully, I can lodge no sympathy to the Organization of Active Micronations. It was your organization that made Freedomia a very un-influential, un-supported micronation. I’m actually happy that this Organization is gone, and if and when it is revived, I assure you I will speak with the Senate of Freedomia for us to stay out of the OAM. After everything this piece of dogmeat organization did to us, I’ll do my personal best to keep us out. I doubt that the organization will succeed in revival, and I doubt that it’s forums will be very active any further. Watching some old A1BC news videos indicated that the OAM said that I would lose the OAM SG Election “poorly as expected.” Who’s expectations? Bias, bias, bias. Good bye, OAM, and thanks for a horrible time,

    Mark Williams II

    • Philip Fish says:

      Wow, blaming me for the ills of your micronation – very noble. Also, you evidently do not really know what the situation is, which is, you know, just a slight handicap when commenting on the situation and insulting people. The OAM is not being “revived” as you said. It’s dead, buried and gone (evidently to your gloating satisfaction).

      Also, OAM != A1BC News. And, in case you’re interested, it was the expectations of the survey conducted during the election campaigns.

  4. The dissolution of the OAM is a rather sad story — I am sympathetic to its leaders who have dedicated themselves to it for a long time only to have it collapse — but not unexpected.

    My opinion is that the mistake was in accepting any inexperienced newbie who came along. Actually, my micronation is a perfect example of a micronation which should not have been admitted (I should like to think I’ve matured greatly since then). The influx of inexperienced micronationalists was problematic and should have been stemmed, because these dolts were incapable of contributing to the OAM and were only able to throw ridiculous tantrums out of anger when they realised that accruing influence would take longer than they thought it would.

    Hence all the conspiracy theories about dictatorship in the OAM’s inner circle and the like. They were nonsensical, but the new members, making up the bulk of the OAM membership, rallied around the claims because of their anger over not having achieved instant power and success. For example, M. Williams’ comment that the OAM “made Freedomia a very un-influential, un-supported micronation.” No, it was your immaturity and lack of patience that led to the decline in your influence, if you ever had any.

    Thus, despite having once been a childish OAM-hater, I am very sympathetic to the dedicated leaders of the OAM. Though Yurtyzstan’s being a Republic of the Nemkhav Federation will almost certainly prevent me participating in the new project, I wish it luck.

    • Mark Williams II says:

      M. Hakimoto, I believe you are overlooking the totalitarian policies of the OAM. Not only was it Fish-influenced for the entire time, with him “taking power” whenever it was “necessary”. That sums it up right then and there. And furthermore, it got nothing done for the Community. That is my opinion.


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