November election results announced; Socialist-Foundation Coalition take power


In a decisive election win that many had predicted, the Socialist-Foundation Party Coalition has swept to power, with James Wilary becoming the 2nd First Secretary, succeeding Philip Fish, and Sam Ypres becoming the 2nd Prime Minister, succeeding Mars McTavish.

The results, announced today by High Justice James Skinner, have been officially and independently verified and presented to Parliament.

For First Secretary, James Wilary of the Socialist Party gained 61% of the vote with a total of 23 votes, while the only other contender, William Sparrow, gained 39% of the vote with 15 votes case in his favour.

Only two Chamber of Electorates seats were contested during this election, both in Cooriengah, and neither saw the incumbents voted out, with strong support for both incumbents, Sam Ypres and Chris Pendergast.

In his election concession speech published shortly after the results, Sir. Philip said that the Cirrus Party would not be contesting the outcome of the election and congratulated both parties on their electio win.

However, he made it clear that the Cirrus Party would continue to contest future elections.

“We officially concede defeat in this the November 2011 Election, but we do not and will not concede defeat in advance of the next election in May 2012. Our resolve to lead this great micronation once more will never waive, and I can assure you that we will not give up”.

Sam Ypres in his victory speech thanked both Mars McTavish and Philip Fish for their contributions to the nation.

“To the citizens who have given us the right to form this government we thank you for your trust and commitment and hope that we will be able to fulfil our expectations and commitments as dictated in the mandates we stood under throughout this electoral period”.

He also said that the result was proof of A1’s democratic credentials.

“Micronationalism is always fluid, internally and externally, this election as one of the most substantial changes of government in A1’s history is a testament to this, and reflects the true belief that a micronation can have functionality of a real state.”


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