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September 2011 OAM Elections Conclude


The final results for the September 2011 Elections at the Organisation of Active Micronations have been released, with Milo Holland from the Principality of Rathunis taking the position of Secretary-General.

Other results include three new Vice Secretaries-General; King Quentin I of Wyvern, Daniel Anderson of Sirocco and Ricard Êuví of Berin.

Outgoing Secretary-General, Sir. Philip Fish, said that he congratulated all successful candidates warmly.

“It’s great that we’re seeing more people willing to put their hand up for these important positions, especially some relative newcomers – it will help inject new energy and vitality into the Organisation”.

The first judges of the Intermicronational Court of Law were also elected, with James Wilary of A1, Adam I of Überstadt and Zachary Smith being elected to the new positions.

Their first task will be to draw up the document that member nations may sign if they wish to be under the new court’s protection and jurisdiction.

The election was the first in the OAM’s history to be conducted using the recently implemented Alternative Voting System, which involves the distribution of preferences amongst candidates if there is no majority and there is only one position available.


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