A1EC Director found guilty of treason


The long-awaited decision on the trial of former A1EC Director, Joseph Brown, has ended with High Court Justice Maximus ze Blah finding Mr. Brown guilty of bribery and treason, amongst a variety of other charges, and sentenced to a $15 fine, which was paid immediately, and suspension of his citizenship for a period of 3 months. Justice ze Blah said that due to Mr. Brown “expressing deep genuine remorse and regret for his actions”, the sentence was “lighter than what otherwise would have been imposed”. Chairman Fish welcomed the decision, saying that “Justice Ze Blah has passed a sufficient sentence upon Mr. Brown, and I sincerely believe and hope that he has learnt his lesson”.

Mr. Brown accepted bribes from the United A1 Party before the recent general election in March, in order to rig the results in favour of the UA1P.


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